Special Forces


Awakening Aubrey:

First love has never been so perfect . . . or so dangerous.

Jude Cortez is a proud soldier, a warrior who protects what he believes in and will fight to the death for what he wants. No Regrets is his life motto. Just as he’s embarking on the biggest mission of his life, he finds the one girl who’s worth giving it all up for . . .

Aubrey Clemson is a proud tomboy, a fighter who will do anything to make her dreams come true. Life is to be lived and tasted and savored, and she wants it all.

In an unexpected twist of fate, she’s brought along on a work trip that turns into the ride of her life. When love at first sight turns into sexy nights, hard choices, and a life or death mission, will Jude and Aubrey fight for each other or let their future die?

***Awakening Aubrey is part of Susan Stoker’s Special Ops: Operation Alpha World where her smokin’ hot Delta Force guys meet up with my sizzling blue collar heroes. Let the fun begin!

Defending Danielle

Defending Danielle:

Drew “Red” Harrison is a man on a mission.

As part of an elite United States Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance team, he’s done it all—covert intelligence gathering, national security threat elimination, Black Ops. But when their most recent mission goes bad, Drew and his team are brought back stateside to run security detail for Virginia senator George Lytle when the Mexican drug cartel that kidnapped his daughter threatens retaliation.

The last thing Drew wants is to be pulled from an Op to babysit a pretentious senator and his spoiled daughter, but he is prepared to do his job. The only upside is getting to see his old friend, Cookie, as he and his team of Navy SEALs are honored at a benefit gala for rescuing the senator’s daughter.

Little does Drew know that the threats are viable, and not only are he and both teams about to face down a drug lord hell bent on revenge, but his past is about to catch up with him when Senator Lytle’s intern is none other than Danielle Jackson, the awkward girl who crushed on him in high school as she tutored him in physics . . . only the ugly little duckling has blossomed into a smokin’ hot swan.

As sparks ignite between them, Drew suddenly has no idea who’s more dangerous—the ruthless drug lord he’s trained his whole career to face, or the sexy blast from his past he could’ve never prepared for, but would now die to protect.

Rescuing Rebekah

Rescuing Rebekah:

Tanner “Maverick” Richardson has learned the hard way not to take life too seriously—except for his job as a member of an elite United States Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance Unit. This calling gives him a purpose and helps to cleanse the stains of a past he’d rather forget . . . at least until a previous mission returns to haunt them, thrusting him right back into the middle of his most painful memories . . . but this time, maybe he can find his way to salvation with the help of one tiny, beautiful, blonde package.

Rebekah Keegan takes pride in being an independent woman. Orphaned as a child, she supports herself and her ailing grandfather, and it’s just them against the world—but even she can admit it would be nice to have someone to help shoulder the burden, especially when she starts to feel someone watching her. Little does she know she’s not as alone as she once thought. She had no idea she had a family, much less a long-lost cousin who is none other than John “Tex” Keegan, one of the most beloved and badass Navy SEALs of all-time.
So who is this handsome stranger who claims her cousin sent him to save her?

Can she trust him? Can she trust her heart?

Ultimately, she may not have a choice. He’s there on a mission to protect her from the newest Kingpin of the deadly Mexican drug cartel that has put the Marines and SEAL team that took down his mentor, and everyone they care about, in his crosshairs. This leader is more brutal, more blood-thirsty, and more hellbent on revenge than his predecessor, and he’s already begun his devious plot of vengeance by contracting the most dangerous hacker around—the only one who can rival Tex, and who has already figured out how to hit the team where their heart is.

saving scarlett

Saving Scarlett:

How does an elite United States Marine Corps Reconnaissance warrior cope when his mission is over?

Sidelined by a devastating injury courtesy of the Mexican drug cartel his team has been hunting with their newest partners, the Navy SEALs, Johnny “Bubba” Ray is back home on his Texas ranch recuperating and counting down the days until he can rejoin his unit. To make matters worse, the girl who got away is now living and working on his family’s property, making his recovery all the more painful because she is still very much off limits.

Scarlett Rayburn never thought she’d be a widow at her age, much less left alone with two small boys and a closet full of painful secrets her “hero” husband took to his grave. Two years later, she’s picked up the pieces and gotten on with her life . . . at least until her husband’s best friend, Johnny Ray, showed back up after being shot, as sexy and standoffish as ever.

As Johnny and Scarlett spend time together, the truth finally comes to light and hearts are opened, but all too soon, Johnny gets word the cartel is on the move and a little too close for comfort. When the dangers that brought Johnny home come banging on the front door of the ranch, will his team make it in time to help them survive or will he and Scarlett be left to work together to protect what they cherish most?
More importantly, can they break through each other’s walls and finally claim the love that has eluded them both?

***Continue the hunt that began with Susan Stoker’s Navy SEALs and my Marine Corps Reconnaissance team from Defending Danielle and Rescuing Rebekah, as they take aim at the Mexican drug cartel and their bloodthirsty hacker, El Lobo Blanco—the only one who can give Tex a run for his money—as this game of cat and mouse becomes dangerously more personal.

Saving Grace

Saving Grace:

Lucas “Lucky” Moore has a one-track mind and one thing on his agenda:

Track down the Mexican drug lord that has made it his mission to hunt and eliminate Lucky’s Marine Reconnaissance team, their families, and the SEALs working alongside them, and end his reign of terror permanently.

Working with Tex, the SEAL computer genius, the teams have come to realize the only way to find the elusive kingpin is through his deadly hacker, El Lobo Blanco—The White Wolf.

But who is the mysterious person behind the computer screen who always seems to be one step ahead?

Enter Grace Trevino . . . exotically beautiful, dark, and dangerous.

Her ties to the cartel run deep.

But how deep?

When she reaches out to Lucky, desperate for help, can he afford to turn away the one person who may be able to stop this madness forever? As their explosive chemistry reaches epic proportions, he’s left with even bigger questions—is she really who she says she is? Can he trust her with his life? With his heart?

~ ~

Continue the hunt that began with Susan Stoker’s Navy SEALs and my Marine Corps Reconnaissance team in Defending Danielle, Rescuing Rebekah, and Saving Scarlett as they close in on the Mexican drug cartel and their bloodthirsty hacker, El Lobo Blanco—and things twist, turn, and burn!


Protecting Carissa:

Cody “Kid” Wilbanks is a loner. Quiet. Observant. Meticulous. The youngest of his highly trained United States Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance team, he knows he is often underestimated, but that’s only made him work harder to earn his place among this family of deadly warriors—his brothers—the men he’d lay down his life for without a moment’s hesitation.

Now, along with their closest allies in Wolf, Tex, and their entire team of Navy SEALs, they’re closing in on their biggest enemy to date, but things won’t be easy . . . in fact, they might be downright dangerous. And as the teams realize their biggest asset might be the elusive hacker who has been tormenting them for months but just slipped through their hands, they embark on the biggest chase of their careers, but Kid is in for an even bigger surprise . . .

Carissa Brewer—the girl he left behind after one perfect night together.

He’s held her heart since the moment she laid eyes on the sexy, quiet Marine, but now she holds the ultimate secret that could either rip them apart forever or be the key to unlocking the future she’s been dreaming about.

***The saga is nearly over! Don’t miss the beginning of the end of what started in Defending Danielle, Rescuing Rebekah, Saving Scarlett, and Saving Grace!

Redeeming Brianne

Redeeming Brianne:

DeAndre “Tito” Johnson has led his United States Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance team through countless battlefields and thousands of hours of recon collection. As a proud warrior and no-nonsense leader, he would gladly take a bullet for any one of the men on his team—because they are more than fellow Marines. They are family.

Working with the Navy SEALs on their current op, they have taken down the Mexican drug lord, Marco Esteban, and crippled his cartel. Now, they are closing in on terror mastermind, Mustaf Al Shadeek, the last piece of the puzzle.

Or is he?

Both scumbags used the elusive and dangerous hacker, El Lobo Blanco—The White Wolf—to intimidate and infiltrate their networks. But the U.S. military has The White Wolf now . . . and she isn’t all that intimidating anymore.

In fact, Brianne Kennard claims she was a victim and that she wants to take down Shadeek as much as they do. But something in Tito’s Marine training and hard-as-nails mind doesn’t want to trust her, no matter how beautiful and vulnerable she seems or how his traitorous body desires her.

But when Shadeek’s threats hit too close to home, something deeper and more primal knows he may have no other choice.

***Don’t miss the epic conclusion to the saga that began in Defending Danielle and continued on through Rescuing Rebekah, Saving Scarlett, Saving Grace, and Protecting Carissa!