That’s what the trial run option is for. Once I have a chance to look over your work, I can better guide you in your needs, strengths, and weaknesses.

I can edit just about anything, but I specialize in romance, erotica, and Young Adult.

Well, I apologize. Writing is a very subjective business, and while I do try to adhere to professional writing and craft rules, I make no guarantee of being 100% accurate or never hurting your feelings. I am here to edit your work and give my feedback to the best of my ability. It’s what you’re paying me for. And while I will discuss your strengths, I won’t focus on them. After all, you are here for your weaknesses and for help tightening up the story to the best it can be. And, on that note, again, this is why I HIGHLY recommend the trial run, so you can feel totally comfortable with me and my editing style.

I do prefer manuscripts be 100K or less, though I will make exceptions. I’m also happy to work with you individually if your needs aren’t specifically listed. Above all, I want to make sure our working relationship is pleasant and professional.



Ready to get started? Any other questions?

Shoot me an email at: shauna@shaunaallen.com