Jack ‘Em Up



I live a perfect life. A perfectly, imperfect, suffocating life.
Or I did, until I met Blake Travers—the tortured bad boy with the painful past I can only glimpse.
But there’s just something about him that makes me yearn to break free and embrace the hurricane that is him. I need to know him, I can’t stay away. He makes me feel, he makes me want, me just . . . makes me.


I’ve always known what I am. I’ve been branded, stained, my entire life.
Hopeless, lost, angry down to my core.
Until I met Delilah. A tiny piece of perfect in my messed up world.
I’ll do anything to touch her, hold her, keep her . . . but it’s impossible.
I’m a lost cause.



It feels like I’ve loved him forever.
He’s ingrained in my DNA.
Torn, I’ve watched him slip away in torturous bits and pieces.
Even in our deepest grief.
He’s my true love. My only love.
But I’ve lost him.


I think I’ve loved her since the moment I laid eyes on her.
That will never change.
But I’m haunted by the demons of my past. Unworthy of her love.
And yet, she loved me anyway.
We spoke those sacred vows . . . til death do us part.
And we’re dying. Someone’s murdering us.



The darkness that fills him . . . the pain . . . they call to me.
I see so much more than his crime, his past, his demons.
I see the promise . . . the man who fills all the empty spaces inside me.
I’m not the perfect, untouchable girl he thinks I am. I’m just dirty enough to take what I want.


I could never deserve her.
She is the light . . . the sun, the moon, a billion stars.
She gives me hope.
But hope is a dangerous thing for a criminal like me.
I am hopeless.
Infinitely flawed.

We are more than opposites.
We are the dangerously perfect collision of dark and light and pain.



A Jack ‘Em Up Wedding . . .

We have survived. We’ve earned our happy ending.

Today, Rachel Chaseman will become my wife . . . Mrs. Jesse Joyner.

My heart is in the palm of her hand, and I’m more than ready to pledge myself to her until the day I die.

Is it all too good to be true? Do I get to live the dream, or will doubt and the forces of nature rip us apart before we’re bound?

You’re cordially invited to find out . . .



I have a past. I have pain.

I don’t dwell on those because I have a future.

I’ve got my career and my wits. I don’t need love, or lust, or some man to make me complete. That’s for fairy tales.

Yeah, right.

Trace Berringer is the perfect male specimen, wrapped up in a smart, sexy, witty package, and while I may not need him, I sure want him. But he’s got a past of his own. One that may ultimately keep us apart.


Tori Waters has become both my fantasy and my nightmare.

I’ve wanted her since the moment we met, but she has walls a mile high.

Hell, so do I.

Sex and shameless flirting are one thing, but I’ve been burned and I can’t afford to go there again. My son is my heart, my soul. It’s just us against the world and I’d kill to protect him.

No one, definitely no woman, is going to hurt us again.

That is a promise.



I bear the wounds of battle.
I suffer the scars of shame.
A shell of the man I once was, I survive now only to honor my fallen friends.
I have been hardened by war and fractured by guilt, but Jewel Jackson has found a way into my heart, and I’d die to protect her—even from myself.


I have been hurt. My body and my spirit have been beaten down.
I’m struggling to pick up the pieces.
To have a life.
To find my strength.
So what am I to do with Micah Christian—the only man who’s ever truly threatened my heart?