Editing Services



Thank you for considering me for your editing and/or critiquing needs. I know trusting someone with your blood, sweat, and tears can be daunting. You can rest assured of my experience as not only a multi-published author in both the traditional and indie setting, but also as a previously acquiring editor for a small press publisher, and now a freelance editor for multiple clients, including NYT Bestselling authors.

I offer both developmental/content and line edits, as well as assistance with synopsis, query letters, and blurbs.


Trial Run


I HIGHLY recommend you take advantage of this. Prior to beginning an edit, I will look over the beginning of your manuscript (Max 5K words) and give you a mini-edit so you can see how I work and if we think we’d be a good fit.

Developmental/Content edit

$ 300.00 for under 30K total word count

$ 400.00 for 31-80K

$ 500.00 for 81-100K

Contact me for a quote on anything over 100K

Includes such things as: writing mechanics, story and character ARCs, POV, dialogue, pacing, plot holes, major mistakes in grammar/punctuation/spelling, and general issues with the story.

Line edit/Proofread

$ 150.00 for under 30K total word count

$ 200.00 for 31-80K

$ 250.00 for 81-100K

Contact me for a quote on anything over 100K

Includes such things as: punctuation, grammar, spelling, and obvious story issues.


$ 75

I will assist you in creating the perfect back cover blurb that encapsulates your story and your voice.

Other Services

If you don’t find what you need above, please contact me for a quote on your project. I am happy to help with synopsis, query letters, or any combination of the above.

Additional Notes and a Disclaimer:

  • All edits are one pass only and come with a thorough editor’s letter from me with all my generalized thoughts in one document, compiled for your use. The good, the bad, and the ugly. You can also utilize, included in your fee and at your request, an additional 30-minute phone call to discuss any issues or questions you have.
  • Note, please understand that just because I fully edit or proofread your work, this is no guarantee of perfection, a promise it is now publishable, nor do I guarantee you a contract with an agent or editor. A typical revision may take several passes.
  • By contracting me to do your edit or critique, you are agreeing to release me, as your editor, from any liability, copyright infringement, or legal obligation in relation to the services rendered.
  • This is your work. I will keep it in strict confidence, for my eyes only, and it will be deleted upon completion of our work together. That being said, this is YOUR manuscript. You are under no obligation to take any/all of my suggestions or edits. You alone know what’s best for your story, and I simply make recommendations based on my knowledge and opinion.
  • I require everything submitted to me for editing be in 12 pt New Times Roman or Courier font, double-spaced, 1 inch margins in a Word .doc, .dox, or .rtf format.
  • I use track changes for editing, as well as marking directly on the manuscript. Please make yourself familiar with this if you aren’t already.


I accept payment via PayPal only and your total price will include my fee as well as all applicable PayPal fees and/or taxes. Once I look over your manuscript, I will send you an invoice and anticipated date of delivery, which will be based on your manuscript and my current work load. ***Full payment is required before edits begin unless other arrangements have been made.

I reserve the right to extend the time frame, as well as the price quoted if I find your manuscript takes significantly more work than anticipated. You will be notified as soon as possible if this is the case.

I reserve the right to refuse any project if it doesn’t fit in with my workload or for any other reason I deem appropriate.

If you refer a friend to me for editing, and I accept their manuscript, you can earn $25.00 off your next editing job.


Ready to get started? 

Shoot me an email at: shauna@shaunaallen.com